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Transactional platform provider

We exist to enable Businesses and alike parties to craft trading value via targeting and cross matching any type of transaction within their ecosystem

We provide you with unique means to boost your ecosystem

Disruptive trends or natural evolution

Ecosystems and engagements within them are changing and evolving fast via simultaneous evolutional changes enabled by emerging new technology (consequently becoming disruptive). Let’s create a better and stronger future together 🙂

How and where can we add value?

Optimizing B2B Insurance & Construction ecosystems

Enabling Insurance & Construction companies to utilize various and multidimensional limitations and preferences to target any type of transaction for a specific usage within defined area or network.

Boosting E-Commerce Sales

Using registered customer profile and adding his/her bank account as a payment method improves and fastens the payment process with 60% (vs. traditional card and/or online payments).

Network Sales optimizer

Enabling Businesses to get a deeper and more comprehensive insights on their ecosystem’s potential via modern and easy to use network heatmap intelligence.

Crafting value for 3-4 corner business ecosystem

We enable targeting & matching of payments, time, points, miles, and virtual currencies in ecosystems where there is a need for doing business between 3 or more parties (example Barter deals, Gift card or loyalty service providers).

Virtual currency management

Enabling governments, municipalities & businesses to craft, flow, and manage their own virtual currencies within their defined ecosystem.

Consumer finance optimizer (solution for Banks)

Enabling consumers to create and utilize virtual accounts on top of their traditional bank accounts to boost transparency, control and targeted purchases with pre-set rules & limits.

What makes our service unique?

Capability to cross match and target various elements of ecosystem to boost value into ecosystem is our strength and uniqueness. The key elements of our service consist of

Network management

Virtual Account management

Identity & mandate management

Transaction management

Our clients

2017 estimates

1,5 million
payment transactions

185 000
customer accounts

80 million
transaction value

How can we help you?

Masood Arai, CEO
+358 50 4321 353

Tuomo Talvitie, CTO

Masood Arai, CEO
+358 50 4321 353

Tuomo Talvitie, CTO