Invisible payments

What if… all the payments you make would be so transparent and secure so that you wouldn’t even notice them anymore? Seamless payment integration of several methods combined with one universal transactional platform. That’s Arantio Coral.

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Contextual payment

We provide services that can for example streamline payments in restaurants which reduces the processing time for each customer order. This will save time for both the customer and the resturants staff which results in a better service and experience. Customers can make their order on the way to a restaurant and have the food ready when entering the premice. A customer can also choose their favorite payment methods and even combine them for split payment. All this in an easy-to-use web app.

Targeted payments

Do you have kids? Would you like them to make their purchases only from certain types of shops with their allowance?Would you like to offer students certain services at discounted prices for example in the university campus? Our platform enables the grantor of the currency to choose where and how it can be used.

Virtual currency platform

We have built a comprehensive virtual currency platform with an embedded payment functionality for Finnish city called Sysmä. The entire platform is based on Arantio Coral. Arantio Coral can be adapted and customized to any user case where a limited virtual currency is needed.

Trusted payment solutions for sharing economy platforms.

When bartering on these platforms the biggest problem is, lack of trust. Do you really know your trading partners and can you trust them? We identify our users and provide trusted payments and transactions for all parties in the process.


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